Mediche, Enable you to manage you. It's That simple

Mediche is a new free online diabetes management system which allows people with diabetes to record their blood glucose and insulin levels to see how they are managing their condition. To improve the picture they can also add details about their food intake and any activity they do.

With a simple to use interface and its extensive features Mediche can provide real-time feedback on the daily regime.

  • Completely, 100% with a cherry on top, Free!
  • Simple to use interface
  • Log Blood Glucose, Insulin, Carbs and Activity
  • Share your information with friends, family and care team
  • Access your information anywhere
  • Meet people and make new friends
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What can Mediche do?

Log your details

Log blood glucose levels, insulin, food intake as carbohydrates and activity and see the results in a simple graph layout. Over time build a unique picture of how you manage your condition.

Access Your Information anywhere

You can access your information 24/7 using Mediche's secure online system. Log your information at home, on holiday or on a buisness trip.

Share your information

Create a personal profile which you can share with the people you choose; your friends, family, care team or anyone else you like.

Bulid your personal network, share your experiences and get support when you feel you need it.

Meet people, make new friends

Mediche's Wiki can help you if newly diagnosed or go to the forum to make new friends while chatting and learning.


Features List

  • 100% FREE
  • Secure online access
  • Simple interface
  • Graphic layout
  • Share your information
  • Meet new friends
  • Share knowledge on the wiki
  • Chat on the forum

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Thank you for your interest. At present the online Mediche system is being developed, but we hope to have it ready to go early in 2010.

However we are looking for users to test and assess the system, so If you are interested in being a guinea pig, please fill in your details below and we will contact you when we are ready to start testing.

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Who is Mediche?
What do we offer?

Mediche Ltd is a company wich uses any combination of digital communications, emerging and existing technologies to produce cost-effective solutions to long-standing problems such as diabetes management.

Product overview
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Mediche is continuously trying to improve our systems to benefit our users. There are several developments in the pipeline.

New Features

  • Glucose Meter integration
  • Phone apps including iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry
  • Full food tracking
For more information about developments, go to our forum.

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